Collection of debts

Collection of debts of individuals  and legal entities is made by our company with an individual approach to each individual case. To determine the collection methods, the nature of the debt, the amount of the delinquency of this debt, and the behavior of the debtor:


Soft (early) collection  is a pre-trial debt collection process that is carried out in the early stages of working with debts. The soft collection includes:

• establishing initial contact with the debtor through phone calls;
• updating of the debtor’s contact data;
• clarification of the debtor’s position and intentions regarding its debts;
• negotiating with the debtor to pay off overdue debts through phone calls;
• sending notification messages, SMS messages, e-mail-letters with reminders about the debt availability and necessity of its repayment.


Hard collection is usually applied after a soft collection, and includes the following steps:

• work with the debtor through telephone conversations, correspondence;
• Call the debtor for negotiations, leave to the debtor (in case of its avoidance of contacts) at his location (work, place of residence, place of study);
• Develop payment schedules, agreements and other documents;
• control of incoming payments;
• preparation of payment schedules and settlement agreements ;
• legal advice, including analysis of documentation;
• search for the debtor if it is not possible to contact him by telephone.


Legal (late) collection – a procedure for judicial debt collection. At this stage, upon the instructions of the client, the following are made:

• preparation and filing of statements of claim to the courts, and if there is a corpus delicti in the actions of the debtor, preparation of statements / complaints to law enforcement agencies;
• representation of the creditor’s interests in the courts, participation in court proceedings, representing interests before law enforcement agencies;
• control over the enforcement of court decisions by bailiffs, assistance to bailiffs in the search for a debtor, as well as his property. At the legal collection stage, soft collection and hard collection are usually applied / combined.

Legal services may be provided as follows:

  • one-off counselling;
  • subscription legal service;
  • mediation;
  • management / legal support of insolvency proceedings, where the client has creditor status;
  • management / legal supp ort of insolvency proceedings, where the client has debtor status;
  • conducting litigation, including control / analysis of attorneys / lawyers hired by the client to deal with disputes abroad;