Debts redemption

ICOD company deals with the valuation and redemption of debts to financial institutions (banks, leasing companies and, etc.), to legal persons, as well as to individuals.

“Debt collection, including problem ones, is optimal in its own way only in the long term. When selling debt obligations, the Seller shifts all costs to the Buyer, which allows to optimize his expenses.

ICOD services enable its clients to get immediate positive effect in terms of liquidity improvement, tax benefits, cost reduction and risk management.

Below are the main advantages of selling debt:



Release of frozen funds/assets (not recovered debts).



Reduction of the tax base of the Seller at a discount level.
Reduction of tax payments due to the suspension of interest and fines.



Excluding the cost of internal foreclosure.
Focus on active operations, which are the seller’s core business.



The risk of non-return of debts passes to the Buyer, which makes future cash flows more predictable for the Seller.

Legal services may be provided as follows:

  • one-off counselling;
  • subscription legal service;
  • mediation;
  • management / legal support of insolvency proceedings, where the client has creditor status;
  • management / legal supp ort of insolvency proceedings, where the client has debtor status;
  • conducting litigation, including control / analysis of attorneys / lawyers hired by the client to deal with disputes abroad;