Financing of Judicial Disputes

Financing Of Judicial disputes (processes)

– the service, provided by a third party (investor) that funds the plaintiff’s legal costs by receiving a percentage of the compensation awarded to the plaintiff (from the winnings). At the same time, the risks of investments are carried by the investor, that is, in case of loss, the court investments are not returned.

ICOD provides services:

— to finance judicial disputes;
— to search for an investor to finance a judicial disputes;
— to conduct negotiations on behalf of the client with the investor, including legal support in the preparation and signing of a contract to finance the litigation (process);

You can independantly place an application for obtaining the financing of the dispute, on the website of our company’s partner WWW.FINHUBFUND.CO.UK

Legal services may be provided as follows:

  • one-off counselling;
  • subscription legal service;
  • mediation;
  • management / legal support of insolvency proceedings, where the client has creditor status;
  • management / legal supp ort of insolvency proceedings, where the client has debtor status;
  • conducting litigation, including control / analysis of attorneys / lawyers hired by the client to deal with disputes abroad;