Mediation is an alternative, usually extrajudicial, method of resolving legal disputes that have arisen.

ICOD, is ready to offer mediation services of various legal nature, acting as the third, independant and neutral party to the subject matter of the dispute. In the course of this procedure, ICOD defines the legal rules that fall within the dispute to be settled and examines all the circumstances of the dispute. After studying these circumstances, the parties are offered an optimal, mutually beneficial solution to the dispute. If necessary, ICOD, prepares a draft settlement agreement between the parties, supports the procedure for the approval of this agreement with an authorized mediator, followed by the approval of the settlement agreement in court.

Legal services may be provided as follows:

  • one-off counselling;
  • subscription legal service;
  • mediation;
  • management / legal support of insolvency proceedings, where the client has creditor status;
  • management / legal supp ort of insolvency proceedings, where the client has debtor status;
  • conducting litigation, including control / analysis of attorneys / lawyers hired by the client to deal with disputes abroad;